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Correct spelling (not awsome it awesome)

correction: no one cares at the moment.


you were the one trying to correct people :V


bep bop skebop


can you make it so its not only on windows pls and thank you if you can do i



can you add the fail animations for bf and have them be controled by wasd

well i used this website to scan this it said no engine detected this file

is this a virus


this is an app where you use these characters to make them commit die




it says this might put your pc in risk and i dont want to harm it so now i think shan sun is trying to give a virus

its safe, is just flash player.


We need lemon demon, add me in (test) pls)))

is there anyway to access the game files or mod this?


All I wanted were the separate voice clips in the file QwQ

time to learn to speek beep lol


My PC is being dumb and not letting me open the test because it thinks it will break my computer


press more info and press run anyway

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IDT it's gonna work---


Press more info.


i think you need an earlly version of windows like windows 7

nah its alright

ok ima try that

me too:(

can u make a mac download


can we talk? :)

how is this game a mod

Deleted 1 year ago

can you help me i cant play this game it says its gonna risk my computer are you trying to give me a virus? try to fix this

It didn't give me a virus it's just safe for my windows 7

it deletes itself


hey can you upload the game onto here? im on S mode and don't wanna do any thing bad to it and i want good peformence so can you add the game on the browser?

Deleted 1 year ago

It retired, sadly...

Deleted 1 year ago

what does the Q do?


it changes the quality

dang I thought that was a pitch thing


Tem como fazer pra mobile ??

i have a chomebook so i cant do it

can you put it on chomebook?


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can i mod this and make monster for you?

please say yes

sadly, monster doesn't really have a "voice", the lyrics in the song and in the song, not the characters voice file

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I know, but I can just make the note sounds just blank


i cant do it why

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hey can you put pico in windows 32/64 so i can download and play it?


It won't let me download the zip because it tells me it fails to download, how do I solve that?

maybe you have a low end pc  i have a high end pc andi can downlaod stuff fine now


una pregunta no me deja porque dice fallo al descargar me dices como soluciono eso?


You spitting some facts and this what I think in my mind:

could make more sounds for the boyfriend.
it's just gorgeous
thanks to ShanSun for this lovely: 3

can you put this on linux because i am on linux ubuntu

just use wine


im getting wine in the terminal now

ok so it says I dont have access to the zip file. downloaded it a second time, it says "failed - download error"

it's pretty cool but you can't do much without the long notes

Hi! So when I tried to download it said that it was removed, I'm not sure if this is a glitch and this is also the same with the pico one. So if you could help me I'd appreciate it!

Deleted 1 year ago

Wait, is it 32-bit or 64-bit?

Yeah same thing happens to me. I think it might be a download error or windows might think its malware or some shit lol

Yeah im pretty sure it is an error. when i download it again it says failed - download error


i think this is a virus because windows protected your pc pops up when you open the .exe file


that happens with anything windows doesn't recognize

Deleted 1 year ago

Yeah, MissingTextureMan101 is right. It isn't a virus.

not virus


what does the q do?

we never know

Deleted 1 year ago

it this a virus shansun












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