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aww i was hopeing for lemon demon

tru tho

yes you were hopping for lemon demon just cuz he didn't come out now doesn't mean he wont come out next time

i think they mean they wanted lemon demon next instead of senpai

I know

me too

Can u please make it so we can edit these, like note sounds, appearance, space bar and special key stuff.


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i agree

i agree too

random question but does anyone know what the command to start is? i use Linux so i need the right command to play this thing.

then use wine


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UPDATE: You MUST delete command.png in order to play the test because if you don't, the command will automatically quit the game and delete the .exe file.

mine worked just fine without deleting it, its just a png

well, mine didn't, idk why

me too

it worked fine for me

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sorry to say this but,

the special key is backspace :)

I Know





Can u please make it so we can edit these, like note sounds, appearance, space bar and special key stuff.



can u do mac downloads for all of them pls

how do i install it? please say, thanks!

click download

but after i do that it dissapears.

nevermind! turns out it was my firewall


I found the secret key thats backspac


secret key is backspace, have fun


hold on i found a text right click on screen and press 100%

They know that I just installed it and I already discovered it by accidentally touching the button xD

Ícono de validado por la comunidad

Backspace just dies and glitches and closes automaticly

Tecla que sirve para borrar a la izquierda

Deleted 1 year ago

nice back litghts are they rgb

I FOUND THE SECRET KEY}! but im not telling u 7u7

:((( tell me

cmon just try searching it by pressing keyboard keys in order (well what more will you press keyboard burgers?)

it's backspace


you're a frog too 😭

shhh shhh, it's just a key!

its backspace



Repost this sh*t if you want whitty

Special controls can be:

space key = changes to overhead

c : crazy whitty (ballistic)

backspace: whitty feels strange and then a fire appears on its bomb thing that bcs im spanish i dont know how to say it

and he says "oh no" in whitty's language and then he explodes and the game crashes.

writing "wide": wide appears

the rope thing on a bomb is called a fuse, just looked it up

Ok thanks :D

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago


I wanna know what the secret key -_-



no, changes to angry senpai

no like actually the key backspace, not space

u know the key to delete words, press that.

your pressing space, press BACKspace

its backspace

its space bar

not lying

GUYS IF U WANNA KNOW WHATS THE "dies" KEY THE KEY IS "Backspace"!!!11!1!!1!

no, changes to angry senpai x2

my first replyy!!!!! :))))


MY FIRST REPLY TO A REPLY TO A REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

MY FIRST REPLY TO A REPLY TO A REPLY RO A REPLY TO A REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

press the key to delete letters.

thats space, do backspace


I didn't work, at all.


game crashed when i pressed anything then proceeded to delete itself.. Like the flash player just went "   "

Nvm can you do next WHITTY? plz

yes pls i want whitty

but lemon demon

its a voice acting, not certain sounds.

Dont curse yoursel :)

it doesn't open

you gotta extract the file, the icon for the .exe will be flash player then open it

senpai literally crashed

lol, are you spanish?

their main language is probably spanish.

man lost his girl to the boyfriend


when senpai's or me have:senai

Can you do mom&dad week5 next pls?

im so dumb i was about to reply "they are already in" then i realized you said week5

As soon as I opened, I crashed and reported a virus XD

its not a virus its like a glitch for some people dunno how it happens tho

I LOVE this thing :)

the secret key scared me bc i put it on complete screen x'D


angry senpai has thorns vocals lol



do pixel bf next!

the end is the best 

The Secret Key Is --------- (help)

Deleted 1 year ago

shh noah dont tell the people the secret key

the secret key is actuall



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