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can u do scared and the button crtl

How do i turn on scared bf is possible



No its not Dumbass


well now it is lo

please do the android in all version test fnf plzzzzzzzz

Beep Bop Beeeep Bop SkidelD

beeb bop booob bop

Beep bop boop


Well, you need do Retro Boyfriend!



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follow the creator or you DIE......

if u didnt follow ninjamuffin youre dead

there needs to die whit backspace


Wanna play roblox?


I downloaded it and it still didn't work..


it won't let me get it


do it for apple

If you got windows 10 You can download it. Facts

I have windows 8 it works, so made it look like everyone was on zoom

same pognaomi

I cant play?

I'ts So Cool

This don’t work 

what computer are you on




could you check out my pico test that works with linux and chromebooks and windows.



how do you make a test

adobe animate i think (its paid)


how can i test the frieday night funkin test


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make for mac!!!!

what do you mean Steinl

i cant it says i need some winzip crap

you have to unzip it.

the file is not an .exe

whattttttttttt how

it's simple.

dont work


after u download open the zip and open the boyfriend app then extract all after that it will open the same folder again then open it

just download winzip its that easy. then right click > extract files and now yo focking done


how do i play the mod


You have ti extract it and then run the .exe file


I created a tankman test! :)

Yo I remade this in PICO-8 ;)



pls add mac version

if your pc is secure go to your files click on The zip right click and then click open with then right  click again on boyfriend.exe Then click open Then it will say "your computer is secured" click on more info then your in

I hope this was helpful for yall

By Dick head

It would be cool if you could press the A thing and it did misses

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